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A high-quality positron and computer dual-fusion scanning system can be used for the diagnosis and staging of early diseases (such as cancer, infection and inflammation) to help develop better treatment strategies. It brings together the most innovative image construction techniques, and the images constructed by the combination of time-of-flight and Q.Clear have excellent resolution. This increases the likelihood that small lesions will be detected and the accuracy of SUV measurements.

Preparation Details

  • By appointment only.
  • Please notify our staff if the examinee is pregnant or pregnancy is suspected.
  • Please avoid any alimentary tract contrast tests 10 days prior to the examination.
  • Fasting for 6 hours before the examination.
  • It is recommended that the blood glucose reading is at 10mmol/L or below to perform PET-CT.

Contrast Studies

  • Normal renal function (RFT).
  • Please inform our Centre at least 2 days before the examination, if the examinee has any allergy to previous contrast administration. Oral Steroid (Prednisolone 40mg to be taken 12 hours and 2 hours before examination) should be prescribed by the referral doctor or our Centre. In special occasions, intravenous Hydrocortisone will be administered at the time of the examination at an additional cost.
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